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Protective Services Officer

Georgia Ports Authority - Posted 1 month ago
$30k-57k/year  + Equity


Savannah, GA

Police Officer
Career Level
Mid-Level, Senior
Company size
35 employees

Port:  Savannah

Police Officer Job description

Under the supervision of the On-Duty Shift Supervisor, the Protective Services Officer (PSO) controls traffic gates, directs motor vehicle traffic and motorized heavy equipment, and checks proper authorization and identification of all cargo, property, or persons entering or exiting the terminal. Redirects or interdicts unauthorized persons or vehicles off or away from the facility. Monitors, and manipulate cameras and surveillance equipment; alerts and communicates with GPA police, or other departments through computers, radio equipment, or other electronic devices. Upholds the values of the GPA to promote Safety, Integrity, Respect, Community, Creativity, and Opportunity. Promotes a safe work environment by participating in safety initiatives and reporting unsafe conditions and behavior.


1. Directs and controls the motor vehicle and/or pedestrian traffic at all gates, employee turnstiles, and building and facility access points and maintains accurate electronic or handwritten records of all activity.

2. Performs identification checks and maintains positive control of assigned access points.

3. Monitors the facility for unusual activity and unauthorized entry and communicates observations to GPA Police Dispatch and other response personnel through the use of assigned radio equipment.

4. Performs reasonable examinations (screenings) of persons, cargo, vehicles and baggage for the detection and to prevent the introduction of certain dangerous substances or devices or other items that pose a real danger of violence or a threat to the security of persons or the facility, in accordance with MTSA regulations and GPA approved Facility Security Plan (FSP).

5. Keeps work areas safe and clean.

6. Must be proficient in the detection, identification and isolation of prohibited objects or contraband found in violation of federal or state law, MTSA compliance, Department of Homeland Security, or Georgia Ports Authority rules and regulations.

7. Communicate effectively and professionally with co-workers and the public. Maintain a professional appearance and attitude while providing helpful service to port users.

8. Provides vessel crew member transport through the facility as needed.

9. Performs other duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Able to effectively articulate facts, alarms, intrusion alerts, observations or incidences orally, through written reports, radio or other electronic media. Must have legible handwriting; able to type and work computerized word processing and scanning equipment; able to compare, discriminate, articulate and formulate information accurately, and arrive at sound and reasonable decisions able to give instructions and information clearly, decisively, and concisely; must be able to remain composed and conduct behavior in a professional manner during difficult or stressful situations. Must be able to tolerate extended exposure to dust, dirt, vehicle emissions, loud noises associated with traffic or heavy industrial environment, inclement weather, and seasonal temperature variances and extremes. Must be able to stand or sit for prolonged periods of time. Must be able to work rotating shifts, holidays, and weekends. Ability to deal effectively and professionally with others.

Education and/or Experience:

High school diploma or equivalent required.

Other Requirements:

Must meet the criteria for and obtain a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC). A valid state driver's license is required.

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  • Medical / Dental / Vision Insurance 
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
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