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Maintenance Manager

Global – A 1st Flagship Company - Posted 5 months ago
$34/hour  + Equity
*high salary
*Based on 0 Ship maintenance salary records


Philadelphia, PA

Ship maintenance
Company size
72 employees

Ship maintenance Job description



A four (4) year college degree with at least three (3) years of managerial experience in ship maintenance-related activities OR 10 years or ship maintenance-related experience with at least five (5) years of which was involved n managerial responsibilities. Must have a valid state driver’s license and be qualified to operate government/company vehicles in accordance with the Corporate Vehicle Safety Manual. 

Preferred:  Navy or Maritime ship maintenance-related background with at least 5 years of which involved managerial responsibilities. 

General Information:

In order to perform the essential job functions of this position, the successful candidate must be able to lead and inspire people and manage projects.  Perform daily inspections of worksites and provide immediate performance feedback to supervision and the workforce.  Set the highest standards for performance expectations and hold the entire department to those standards.  Compose/write descriptive reports; verbally direct individuals and groups; remedy dysfunctional behavior, and establish and maintain positive working relationships with all employees and the customer.

Knowledge Required:

Must have general computer skills and Microsoft Office program skills.

Must qualify and certify as Crane Certifying Official in accordance with NAVFAC P-307 within six (6) months of assuming the position.

 Security Clearance:

The position requires a SECRET Security Clearance.

  1. Must be a US Citizen per Inactive Shipoff Instruction 5500.3B of 13 May 13


Global, A First Flagship Company is looking for a dynamic Maintenance Manager with strong Leadership Skills to join our team in Philadelphia, PA.  Since 1964, Global has been achieving worldwide recognition for effective management and technical competency and for providing innovative solutions to our customers. Visit our website at for more information on who we are and what we do. Global offers competitive pay and benefits packages including medical, dental, vision and 401(k). 

Responsible for planning tasks, assigning priorities and leading and controlling all personnel assigned to the Maintenance Department.

 Provide the leadership and management necessary to achieve the highest levels of performance in the following areas:  maintenance, sub-contract solicitation, management and safety.

  1. Develop, implement, monitor and modify departmental management processes and procedures intended to enable the timely, effective and cost-effective completion of all key projects.
  2. Execute necessary cost control procedures designed to properly estimate, execute and account for tasks performed.  Submit required budget and financial reports to the Project Manager for review.
  3. Maintain weekly cost and schedule data to assess performance variances and make timely recommendations to the Project Manager to reduce variances in cost and schedule.
  4. Ensure accurate estimates are developed and submitted for approval.  Maintain a record of all estimates whether or not approved.
  5. Planning, coordinating and providing oversight for both routine tasks and major contract projects.  Supervises tasks, emphasizing inter-departmental coordination to include Administrative, Supply, Safety, Health and Environmental, Quality Assurance/Inspection and Maintenance functions.
  6. Ensure all tasks required in the deactivation, maintenance, preservation, disposal and reactivation of assigned vessels are effectively and efficiently completed.  Coordinate with the Quality Assurance / Inspections Department for all inspections required to preserve, activate, inactivate and receive vessels and provide inactivation briefings as required.
  7. Execute necessary cost control procedures designed to properly estimate, execute and account for all tasks performed.  
  8. Thoroughly plan and closely supervise the movement of all ships not under command (dead ships).
  9. Engage all levels within the maintenance department in the process of identifying, implementing and enforcing newer and better ways to exceed customer expectations in all undertakings.   Ask questions and actively listen in an effort to ensure a complete understanding of employee ideas and concerns.
  10. Focus on safety.  Provide a work environment that reduces to zero the number of lost workdays, injuries and accidents.  Adhere to safety, health, and environmental regulations and requirements in the conduct of all maintenance operations.
  11. Provide daily monitoring of performance by the workforce by actively inspecting job sites and following up with supervisors and employees on tasks assigned. 
  12. Develop department-specific policies and procedures as needed.
  13. All other duties assigned