Unifi Salaries

Average salary
$45,271 per year
Average $45,271
Low $15,131
High $170,000

How much do employees at Unifi get paid? See the latest salaries by department and role.

The average estimated annual salary at Unifi is or $22 per hour.

At Unifi, the highest paid job is a Environment Health & Safety EHS Manager at $170,000 annually and the lowest is a FT Wheelchair Agent ($7.25 + Flight Privileges) - Columbia, SC Airport at $15,131 annually. Average Unifi salaries by department include: Customer Service at $44,528, Transportation at $31,911, Management at $72,265, Cargo Services at $34,137, Engineering at $69,219, Maintenance at $46,403, Cleaning at $33,914, Crew at $32,349, Operations at $41,740, Administration at $29,218, Supervisor at $38,171, Security at $37,566. Salaries contributed from Unifi job listings like Ramp Agent, Passenger Service Agent, Airport Ramp Supervisor, Customer Service Agent, Administrative Assistant and other.

Portjobs data has a total of 123 salary records from Unifi jobs.

Unifi Salary Averages By Department

Unifi Salary Averages By Role