Skyports Salaries

Average salary
$65,646 per year
Average $65,646
Low $27,131
High $126,774

How much do employees at Skyports get paid? See the latest salaries by department and role.

The average estimated annual salary at Skyports is or $32 per hour.

At Skyports, the highest paid job is a Product Manager at $126,774 annually and the lowest is a Drone Hub Operator - Travel and Flexibility (UK) at $27,131 annually. Average Skyports salaries by department include: Flight Operations at $33,583, Management at $59,000, IT at $120,387. Salaries contributed from Skyports job listings like Drone Operator , Regional Manager, Project Manager, Software Engineer, Airline Pilot and other.

Portjobs data has a total of 7 salary records from Skyports jobs.

Skyports Salary Averages By Department