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200 employees

About Klip Marine Shipmanagement

Klip Marine Shipmanagement (further KMS) was incorporated in 1990 (till 2003 named Baltic Group International Shipping/ BGI Shipping) and was one of the first privately owned shipping and crew management companies in the Baltic States. Associated offices in Riga, Latvia, and Astrakhan were established in 2011 and 2014.

Our latest partnership is with Great Swiss Shipping at www.gsshipman.com, based in the Philippines, which provides qualified services to vessels trading in Asian waters. More than 60 different vessels were managed over the last 25 years among them tankers, dry cargo, reefer vessels, tugs, special purpose vessels, and others. At the present the fleet consists of 14 vessels with a total tonnage of about 70000 DWT, the fleet list could be found on our website.

The major strength of KMS is its people working at its offices and onboard the managed vessels. All our office staff have a maritime education/experience gained at sea and/or ashore in different shipping companies. Strategic partnership with Euro Work, a Marine HR expert, allows achieving recruitment flexibility and a permanent pool of qualified seafarers for the shipowners. KMS has experience in operating vessels under different flags, including Antigua and Barbuda, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Liberia, Malta, St. Kit and Nevis, etc.

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