Duncan Aviation
Duncan Aviation

Duncan Aviation Salaries

Average salary
$52,864 per year
Average $52,864
Low $39,653
High $81,623

How much do employees at Duncan Aviation get paid? See the latest salaries by department and role.

The average estimated annual salary at Duncan Aviation is or $25 per hour.

At Duncan Aviation, the highest paid job is a Engineering Designer I at $81,623 annually and the lowest is a Preventative Maintenance Specialist I at $39,653 annually. Average Duncan Aviation salaries by department include: Maintenance at $48,001, Engineering at $53,168, Cargo Services at $47,200, IT at $81,623. Salaries contributed from Duncan Aviation job listings like Aircraft Engineer, Airport Maintainer, Warehouse Agent, Aircraft Maintainer, Maintenance Technician and other.

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Duncan Aviation Salary Averages By Department