Air India
Air India

Air India Salaries

Average salary
$22,928 per year
Average $22,928
Low $3,600
High $61,556

How much do employees at Air India get paid? See the latest salaries by department and role.

The average estimated annual salary at Air India is or $11 per hour.

At Air India, the highest paid job is a Pilot - Senior Trainee Pilots at $61,556 annually and the lowest is a Management Graduates at $3,600 annually. Average Air India salaries by department include: Crew at $21,616, Customer Service at $4,273, Management at $6,891, IT at $49,001, Flight Operations at $44,156. Salaries contributed from Air India job listings like Cabin Agent, Airport Manager, Airline Pilot, Customer Service Agent, Project Manager and other.

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Air India Salary Averages By Department