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  • Guide aircraft by standing and holding wands at or above shoulder height
  • Operate machinery to perform airplane movement
Posted 12 days ago


  • Manages performance of all screening and physical security functions at the location
  • Oversees daily operations at assigned site.
Posted 17 days ago
  • Greet customers to guide and assist them with the ticketing and baggage check-in process. 
  • Use a computer to sell, print, and reissue tickets.
Posted 22 days ago
  • Assigns cabin servicing activities to contracted cabin service groups. 
  • Monitors the operation in partnership with other lines of business and adjusts the necessary resources to accomplish required cabin services as circumstances change. 
Posted 22 days ago


  • The role supports the Financial Accounting and Reporting team with general ledger accounting functions.
  • Prepares, organizes, and enters month-end journal entries.
Posted 25 days ago


  • Acts as a subject matter expert in full-stack engineering on a scrum delivery team, collaborating with product owners, designers, and other engineers to deliver business value on an iterative basis.
  • Coaches and influences team members on best practices and emerging technologies.
Posted 25 days ago


  • Lead a team of multi-disciplined software engineers and establish priorities for system technical capabilities.
  • Makes decisions related to technical oversight with the team, including architecture, DevOps, coding, and quality assurance practices.
Posted 25 days ago


  • Establish the long-term technical vision, strategic goals, and direction for a team of software engineers
  • Establish a talent management strategy for a team of software engineering managers to create and sustain an inclusive environment that attracts and retains software engineers from diverse backgrounds and encourages cross-team collaboration and sharing of solutions
Posted 26 days ago
Alaska Airlines

Financial Analyst🇺🇸

Alaska Airlines - Seattle, WA


  • Applies knowledge in financial analysis to provide modeling and business support with respect to ROIC, fleet planning, capital structure, capital spending, cash forecasting, fuel hedging, financing, credit/financial metrics, return of capital to shareholders, and other Treasury matters.
Posted 26 days ago


  • Perform as Second in Command in the transport of passengers, mail, freight, or for other commercial purposes.
  • Comply with Federal Aviation Regulations, Company Flight Procedures, and Company Policies on scheduled flights and routes to ensure the safety of flight.
Posted 26 days ago


  • At the intermediate level, the Crew Planning Analyst is responsible for developing solutions for crew planning and analysis at Alaska Airlines (AS). As an individual contributor, this role makes recommendations to improve the analysis of crew-related data to support the execution of optimizing monthly planning and long-term staffing for crew planning and operations. This position supports forecasting crew productivity, reserve demand, and overall staffing requirements to ensure that the airline is appropriately staffed, and the operation is supported.
Posted 26 days ago
Alaska Airlines

Director Accounting🇺🇸

Alaska Airlines - Seattle, WA


  • Establishes strategic goals and direction for a team of accounting leaders in the general accounting and close function.
  • Leads the monthly accounting close process in a hands-on and visible way, through close collaboration with the accounting team in resolving emergent issues, leading accounting close meetings, and fostering cross-divisional collaboration.
Posted 26 days ago
  • As the subject matter expert in strategic sourcing projects, this role leads the sourcing process for AAG’s Sourcing projects, including project assessment, strategy development, supplier evaluation and selection, and negotiation of terms to meet quality, cost, and performance targets.
Posted 26 days ago


  • As the sole subject matter expert in planning and execution of annual technology SOX compliance, this role will provide the strategic direction for SOX compliance activities through long-term planning, coordination, and communications across the technology team and functional business areas.
Posted 26 days ago


  • Acts as a subject matter expert in full-stack engineering on a scrum delivery team, collaborating with product owners, designers, and other engineers to deliver business value on an iterative basis.
  • Coaches and influences team members on best practices and emerging technologies.
Posted 26 days ago
Alaska Airlines

Finance Manager🇺🇸

Alaska Airlines - Seattle, WA


  • Manages and owns financial modeling, analytics, business support, and execution with respect to financial statements, ROIC, fleet planning, capital structure, capital spending, cash forecasting, fuel hedging, financing, dividend, share repurchase, credit/financial metrics, and other Treasury matters.
  • Works on and manages executive and board-level projects and presentations.
Posted 26 days ago


  • Attend program-specific meetings as scheduled
  • Check-in meetings are scheduled with the program director every 6 months
Posted 26 days ago
  • ​This job is a member of the Hubs & Gateways or Stations Team within the Customer Experience Division.
  • Responsible for ensuring a high-performing operation by leading, engaging, coaching and developing front-line team members. Also responsible for supporting their teams' efforts in creating a safe, reliable operation while delivering an elevated customer experience.
Posted 30 days ago
  • Vision: Deliver world-class service to all customers. 
  • Mission: Make every customer feel like the most valued person. 
Posted 1 month ago
Delta Airlines

Support Coordinator🇺🇸

Delta Airlines - Seattle, WA


  • Responsible for the day-to-day implementation of local cleanliness activities and monitoring local inventory rates supporting corporate and divisional goals and initiatives.
  • Ensures a seamless and quality execution of cleaning methods and standards within aircraft cabin and airport facilities
Posted 1 month ago
American Airlines
Ramp Agent Part Time
American Airlines - Posted 12 days ago
$13-20/hour  + Equity


Seattle, WA

Ramp Agent
Career Level
Mid-Level, Senior
Company size
130k employees

Airport:  Seattle Tacoma Intl

Ramp Agent Job description

Are you ready to explore a world of possibilities, both at work and during your time off? Join our American Airlines family, and you’ll travel the world, grow your expertise and become the best version of you. As you embark on a new journey, you’ll tackle challenges with flexibility and grace, learning new skills and advancing your career while having the time of your life. Feel free to enrich both your personal and work life and hop on board!

Why you'll love this job

The terms and conditions of this position are covered by the International Association of Machinists (IAM) Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Fleet Service Agents load and unload baggage and cargo, marshal aircraft to and from gates, and service aircraft.

What you'll do

These are the essential functions of the job

This list is intended to reflect the current job but there may be additional essential functions (and non-essential job functions) that are not referenced. Management will modify the job or require other tasks to be performed when operationally necessary, observing, of course, any legal obligations including any collective bargaining obligations.

  • Guide aircraft by standing and holding wands at or above shoulder height
  • Operate machinery to perform airplane movement
  • Arrive at the gate in advance of aircraft arrival
  • Participate in pre-arrival briefing
  • Chock aircraft wheels
  • Position safety cones around aircraft
  • Position equipment (e.g., air-start units, conveyors) by aircraft 
  • Connect ground power, pre-conditioned air, and air-start units
  • Perform exterior lavatory servicing
  • Service aircraft potable water
  • Perform catering service
  • Transfer baggage/cargo to and from belts, carts, baggage devices, and containers
  • Drive tug and cart to designated aircraft and drop-off areas 
  • Open and close the cargo door of the aircraft
  • Enter and exit the cargo compartment of the aircraft 
  • Remove baggage/cargo from the aircraft cargo compartment
  • Scan baggage/cargo 
  • Interpret documentation (e.g., bag tags) to determine the proper handling of baggage/cargo
  • Finalize load plan (Crew Chief only)
  • Direct team in loading baggage/cargo in the aircraft cargo compartment according to weight and balance specifications (Crew Chief only)
  • Load baggage/cargo in the aircraft cargo compartment according to weight and balance specifications
  • Disconnect ground power, pre-conditioned air, and air-start units
  • Ensure all equipment is removed from the safety envelope prior to pushback
  • Remove chocks from aircraft wheels 
  • De-ice aircraft by directing a chemical/water stream at aircraft surfaces (at some airports)
  • Monitor traffic around the gate area to prevent collisions
  • Remove any foreign-object debris from the safety envelope
  • Perform pre-departure and post-arrival aircraft walk-around
  • Inspect aircraft pre- and post-flight 
  • Report identified aircraft damage to crew chief, supervisors, pilots, and/or maintenance
  • Ensure the gate has the resources needed to facilitate effective operations
  • Complete forms required for operational requirements (Crew Chief only)
  • Communicate with team members in a professional manner
  • Lead and direct team (Crew Chief only)
  • Follow Crew Chief/Lead instructions
  • Communicate with others outside the team (e.g., operations, load planners, and other departments) 
  • Communicate with the flight deck using proper verbiage when necessary or required
  • Coordinate with other operational personnel to ensure efficient loading of baggage/cargo, aircraft servicing, and pushback
  • Report to position on time, as scheduled, and at your assigned station or location, including mandatory overtime requirements, varying shifts, weekends, and holidays
  • Complete job-relevant training
  • Adhere to government regulations (e.g., DOT, FAA, TSA) 
  • Adhere to company policies, procedures, and performance standards
  • Perform all functions in accordance with safety procedures and policies 
  • Wear uniforms as required by company policy
  • Wear all personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with rules and regulations
  • Work outdoors with exposure to extreme weather/elements, engine noise, and noxious fumes

* Reasonable accommodations may be made for qualifying individuals with disabilities.  

All you'll need for success
  • High school diploma or GED or international equivalent
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • People-oriented and highly motivated, with a positive and cooperative attitude
  • Lift, load, unload, and transport bags and cargo to/from aircraft, bag carts, and conveyor belts
  • Good communication skills
  • Applicable valid driver’s license as required by local authorities
  • Completion of a pre-employment drug screen, comprehensive background check and/or fingerprinting to satisfy company and security requirements
  • Must fulfill FAA criminal background checks to qualify for unescorted access privileges to airport security identification display areas (SIDA), if applicable
  • Must be able to secure appropriate airport authority and/or US Customs security badges, if applicable
  • Ability to obtain jet bridge certification
  • Must have the ability to pass the US Postal Service background check
What you'll get

Feel free to take advantage of all that American Airlines has to offer: 

  • Travel Perks: Ready to explore the world? You, your family and your friends can reach 365 destinations on more than 6,800 daily flights across our global network.
  • Health Benefits: On day one, you’ll have access to your health, dental, prescription and vision benefits to help you stay well. And that’s just the start, we also offer virtual doctor visits, flexible spending accounts and more. 
  • Wellness Programs: We want you to be the best version of yourself – that’s why our wellness programs provide you with all the right tools, resources and support you need.
  • Additional Benefits: Other great benefits include our Employee Assistance Program, pet insurance and discounts on hotels, cars, cruises and more
Feel Free to be yourself at American

From the team members, we hire to the customers we serve, inclusion and diversity are the foundation of the dynamic workforce at American Airlines. Our 20+ Employee Business Resource Groups are focused on connecting our team members to our customers, suppliers, communities and shareholders, helping team members reach their full potential and creating an inclusive work environment to meet and exceed the needs of our diverse world.

Are you ready to feel a tremendous sense of pride and satisfaction as you do your part to keep the largest airline in the world running smoothly as we care for people on life’s journey? Feel free to be yourself at American.