Aviation Officer

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$65k-70k/year  + Equity
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Boston, MA

no experience required
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1k employees

Airport:  Logan Intl (BOS)

Security Officer Job description

The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) is currently accepting bids/applications for the position of Aviation Officer (Bargaining Unit, Local Union No. 25) in the Aviation Department. The Aviation Officer performs airfield security work in connection with MPA-operated facilities to prevent illegal entry onto the airfield and control access of personnel and vehicles in compliance with Massport and TSA rules and regulations.

Essential Tasks of the Job

Monitors pedestrian and vehicular traffic at the assigned gate.

1. Checks incoming individuals and traffic for Massport-issued security badges and other valid forms of identification, along with vehicle permits and identification.

2. Ensures all badges and permits are valid.

3. Issues temporary Visitor Passes after completing appropriate background checks on individuals having an operational need to be given access to the AOA and the ability to assist State Police in taking into custody those individuals wanted for various crimes.

4. Screen vehicles and individuals as necessary to prevent unauthorized acts and prevent prohibited or dangerous items from entering the security area.

5. Logs vehicles requiring escorts, and reports unusual occurrences.

6. Contacts appropriate parties for vehicle escorts.

Enforces compliance with Massport and TSA regulations.

1. Completes violation forms and submits forms to the appropriate party.

2. Attends hearings regarding violations at Logan Airport as necessary

Reports major violations and threats to public safety to the State Police and Massport Operations, and takes immediate action when necessary.

1. Contacts appropriate parties via radio or telephone.

2. Acts as a member of a first response team, as directed.

Assists in compiling special data as requested.

1. Logs requested information and writes incident reports.

Operates as relief Aviation Officer as assigned.

1. Drives to different gates/booths to allow breaks for other Aviation Officers.

2. Performs the above tasks while at each gate.

3. Performs security duties at other locations of the airport.

4. Performs other duties as required.


Cleans gate Aviation Officer booths as necessary.

Will safeguard all Sensitive Security Information (SSI) in accordance with 49 CFR Parts 15 and 1520 and supporting Massport policies and procedures.

Job Requirements and Qualifications

EDUCATION LEVEL: Ability to read, write, follow instructions, and demonstrate basic oral, written, mathematical, and manual skills including the ability to operate computers and machinery. Associate Degree or Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice is required or preferred, depending on the Eligibility Path 1 or 2 that you will take to meet our unique expertise/certifications criteria.

EXPERIENCE IN FIELD / RELATED FIELD: A minimum of 2 years of police/security, requisite military experience or law enforcement experience as described below.


1. The applicant must meet one of the two (2) eligibility paths below to meet our criteria: requisite military experience or law enforcement, as defined below:

Path 1 – Military Experience

The applicant must possess a minimum of two years of Military experience that must include the areas of Military Police/Special Forces, Installation Access Control, or Entry Control Points.

Path 2 – Law Enforcement

The applicant must have a minimum of:

a.   Two years of law enforcement experience and, be a graduate of a Full-Time Municipal Police Academy, Reserve/Intermittent Police Academy, Correctional Officer Academy, or Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC); or

b.   Two years of law enforcement experience and possess an Associate’s or Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice or related field.

2. Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills. Ability to communicate effectively to enforce Massport rules and regulations and provide a consistent level of customer service to a variety of constituencies.

3. Current and valid driver's license unrestricted except for corrective lenses and automatic transmission.

4. Ability to pass airfield driving test and obtain Aerodrome Ramp and Apron License.

5. Ability to pass Massport security clearance and obtain a Massport Security Badge.

6. Ability to pass a thorough background check.

7. Ability to pass Massport pre-placement physical, personality assessment, controlled substances testing and background security checks.


Environmental Parameters: Ability to work in an airport environment and on the airfield, in all weather conditions (hot, cold, humid, dry, wet, and during pollen season); the ability to work in an environment with conditions that may include: fumes, odors, gases, chemicals, and dust as well as decibels in the range of 65-100. The ability to work in a 10x10-foot booth.

Physical Demands:

Strength: Ability to lift/move up to 50lbs, and push the security gates open and pull the security gates closed.

Type: Ability to demonstrate clarity of vision beyond 20 feet; three-dimensional vision to distinguish vehicles; and color vision to identify access level markings. Ability to stand, walk and bend over/into cars, climb up onto trucks and large vehicles.

Supplemental Information

WORK SCHEDULE: Ability to work any shift as assigned including weekends and holidays for a 40-hour work week. Must have the ability to work a flexible schedule when assigned.

Massport requires employees to obtain and maintain full COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment. Massport will allow for limited exemptions where a reasonable accommodation can be reached for any employee who is unable to receive vaccination due to medical disability or who is unwilling to receive vaccination due to a sincerely held religious belief. New hires will be expected to provide proof of vaccination or request reasonable accommodation prior to their hire date.  

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Massport - Boston, MA


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  • Starting salary of €29,483 increases to €43,658 (based on the 40-hour working week with progression over 7 years). The hourly rate for the role is €14.14 (inclusive of shift pay)
  • Permanent role with full access to the company pension scheme.
Posted 8 months ago