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$6k-16k/year  + Equity
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Administrative Assistant
Company size
24k employees

Administrative Assistant Job description

Monitors all IndiGo flights to completion:

  • Monitors all internal applications closely which are helping in day-to-day operations. 
  • Resolves any operational issues, which may affect scheduled operations, and evaluates overall operation impact of delays and/or cancellations;
  • Monitors and verifies delay reporting, company e-mail correspondence, schedule change notification, and aircraft movement information ensuring accuracy and timeliness;
  • ·      Keeps IndiGo management apprised of status and developments on all flights including emergency situations;
  • ·      Provides guidance to OCC personnel during regular and irregular daily operations;
  • ·      Manage OCC and network operational performance to ensure that cost-effectiveness and consistent disruption recovery responses are initiated/implemented;
  • ·      Manage and ensure continuous Flight-watch is carried out effectively to provide the best possible assistance in case of any deviation or diversion from the normal operational plan;
  • ·      Manage and ensure a satisfactory balance of On-Time Performance (OTP), Interdependency and Customer service in line with the company’s business goals;
  • ·      Establish and maintain strong and effective working relationships with all relevant departments (including but not limited to Maintenance, Commercial, Corporate Engineering Planning, Flight Operations, Cabin and Flight Deck crew Scheduling, Catering, Cargo, Airport Ground Services and Dispatch teams;
  • ·      Lead daily on time performance meetings with relevant stakeholders to review and correct any operational problems while providing feedback to help optimize the schedule and prevent recurrent delays.
  • ·      Be aware of and comply with his / her safety responsibilities and accountabilities as laid down in the IndiGo SMS Manual, Chapter Safety Policy and Objectives.

Primary Day-to-Day Functionalities


Close interaction with the Dispatch team in order to maintain/change or modify Departure/Arrival slots and alternates, extension in watch hours or NOTAMS, fuel changes when weather demands during or anticipated irregular operations.

Aircraft Routing:

Plan for changing the aircraft rotation where necessary to maintain OTP in order minimize the impact on schedule operations and/or ferry to destinations or cancellations where needed. They also evaluate aircraft swaps to make sure required maintenance checks do not get missed.

Crew Scheduling:

Coordinate with crew scheduling for keeping the track of the Pilots and Flight Attendants, especially in an irregular operation, technical, AOG and/or operational delays or a diversion leading to a missed crew connection or exceeding FDTL.


Coordinate with meteorology team forecasts surface weather for our network as well as turbulence and the upper air wind patterns. Coordinate with Dispatchers and Flight Deck Crew proactively for a safe and smooth flight operation; this may lead to planned delays, change of route, and change of alternates to avoid diversions or cancellations.

Airport Operations & Customer Services (AO&CS):

Coordinate with Airport Operations during delays or cancelations and IROP situations.

Maintenance Coordination Center (MCC):

Coordinate with MCC if any changes are required in the schedule aircrafts rotation for maintenance, curtail network delay and in IROP situations.

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