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Airside Facilities & FOD Team Member

Dublin Airport - Posted 1 year ago
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Dublin, L

Aviation Safety
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Airport:  Dublin (DUB)

Aviation Safety Job description

The purpose of this role is to ensure that the airside is kept free of FOD to protect the movement area from aircraft damage. This involves removal of ramp debris, glycol and spillage recovery, environmental and operational incident response, FOD bin management, and recording potassium acetate sprayed. The team also ensures minimal impact to aircraft operations during a ‘Winter Operations’ event by assisting with snow & ice clearance. These duties play a critical safety function in the safe management of the airfield.

In line with the new principles of ‘following the work, the role will be required to support Airfield Asset Management in providing support with tasks including but not limited to grass cutting, escorting, towing equipment, and painting. The role may also be required to support the Landside operation as required.

This role is a 24/7 shift role and reports to the Airside Player Supervisor and Service Delivery Manager Airside.

Panel Positions will also be part of the process.


  • Full Clean Driving license (B, BE, C & W)
  • Strong Preference for applicants with a Full Clean C license
  • If the role is awarded no C license, Lessons must be completed and passed within 6 months of the role being awarded
  • Airside experience and knowledge of Airline and Airport operations are desirable
  • Experience working in an outdoor operational environment
  • Strong customer service focus and commitment to delivering an effective and efficient service to stakeholders
  • Seeks ownership, and responsibility and displays initiative
  • Attention to detail
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Committed to a flexible approach to working
  • Strong team-working
  • Specialized vehicle training is desirable
  • An understanding of the DUB Winter Snow & Ice Plan
  • Familiarity with published airside safety information including Airport Directions, Airside, Work Notices
  • Awareness of the Aerodrome Manual and the Airside Safety Management System
  • Awareness of the duty of care that all staff have both to themselves and to others and the environment while operating on the airside
  • Committed to DAA values and new ways of working


  • To ensure that airside areas are maintained free of FOD to prevent damage to aircraft
  • To operate heavy fleet and equipment in close proximity to aircraft
  • Support the Airside Operations & Safety Officers and Asset Management during an aircraft incident
  • Recovery of all Glycol sprayed Airside to minimize environmental impact to DUB
  • Anti & De-icing of all Apron Areas during cold temperatures to maintain safe operations at DUB
  • Accurate recording of Glycol recovered, and Potassium Acetate sprayed
  • Support all clean-up operations in all incidents involving aircraft and vehicles
  • Ensuring an immediate response to Airside spillages and minimizing any environmental effect
  • Provide support to the Airside Operations Management Team as required
  • Assist with Risk Assessments associated with FOD Control and wider Airside Operations
  • Operating with RT beyond ATC red line for FOD recovery, spillages, and Winter Operation activity. (This training must be completed and passed within 6 months of the role being awarded)
  • Removal of equipment from the Apron that is not in line with safe operating practices as designated by Airside Operations
  • Towing GSE if requested by Airside Operations
  • Assisting RFFS with the clean-up and FOD removal from runways following a bird or wildlife strike on an Aircraft
  • Movement of Delta Blocks to provide safe roadways in line with safe operating practices as designated by Airside Operations
  • Assisting as banks person as required
  • Undertaking any other duties as requested by the Airside Operations & Safety Officers
  • Supporting the Asset Management Team on planned works as required, including but not limited to; Airfield Grassland & hedgerow maintenance, maintaining stormwater drainage systems, assisting, and carrying out airfield paint marking/removal, providing RT escort to external contractors on the Airfield
  • Provide vehicle escort as required

Other Duties

  • It is important to note that from time to time all DAA staff may be asked to carry out duties outside of their normal daily duties. This will be on a request basis and only if the staff member is adequately trained to do so.

Similar Aviation Safety jobs

  • Respond to AEP incidents, assume Incident Command (IC) as per IMS, provide initial first-aid, and situational assessment, establish control of the scene, initiate emergency environmental protection, information gathering, emergency escort(s) and perform IMS or AEP supporting roles as assigned by the IC and providing support to the PSOs
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  • Maintains the Safety Management System (SMS) framework by:
  • Ensuring that the SMS program and processes meet regulatory requirements, facilitate internal audits as per the Aviation Safety Management System Manual
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  • Conduct safety observations of both facility and ramp operations and provides corrective action feedback to mitigate safety hazards and risks
  • Maintains knowledge and awareness of the Delta Ground Operations Manual, the Safety Policies & Procedures Manual and the Airport Operations Ramp Procedures
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